Miami Heat's shooting guard, Tyler Herro, has been a bright spot for the team throughout the 2019-2020 NBA season. With his excellent shooting skills and poise on the court, Herro has proven himself to be an excellent asset for the team.

However, in the midst of the NBA Finals, Herro's season came to a sudden halt when he broke his right hand during a practice session. Doctors quickly rushed to examine his injury and determined that he would miss significant playing time. This injury was a huge blow to the Miami Heat as they were set to face the Denver Nuggets in a crucial Game 5.

But despite the intense pressure, Herro showed resilience and determination in his recovery. He worked tirelessly to get back into shape and was finally given clearance to play in Game 5, just two months after his injury.

With their backs against the wall and facing elimination, Miami Heat heavily relied on Herro's skills as they took on the Denver Nuggets. His presence on the court brought an added boost of energy to the team, and it was clear that his injury had not hindered his game at all.

Throughout the match, Herro showed great composure, making key shots and proving his worth as a clutch

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