The highly anticipated Starfield Direct has come and gone, but the excitement around the upcoming space exploration game remains high. During the showcase, Bethesda not only revealed more information about the game itself, but they also unveiled the different editions of the game that will be available for purchase. Among those editions is the Starfield Constellation Edition, an especially exciting option for fans of the game.

So, what is the Starfield Constellation Edition? This special edition of the game comes with a variety of goodies designed to enhance your gaming experience. The most notable feature of the Constellation Edition is the physical star map that comes with it. This map is a gorgeous depiction of the game's star system and is printed on high-quality material. It's the perfect addition to any gaming setup and will make you feel like an official space explorer.

The Constellation Edition also comes with a Steelbook case, which is a metal game case that will keep your game safe and secure. The Steelbook design is unique to the Constellation Edition and features the game's logo against a dark background. It's a beautiful addition to any gaming collection and a great way to show off your love for the game.

In addition to the map and Steelbook case, the Constellation Edition

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