Lonzo Ball is a highly talented guard in the NBA who has experienced a number of setbacks in recent months due to ongoing issues with his left knee. Despite being a key player on the team, Ball has been unable to play in a game since January 2022 due to this ongoing problem.

Over the past few years, Ball has undergone three procedures on his left knee in an effort to address the ongoing pain and discomfort that he has been experiencing. While some hoped that these procedures would help to alleviate his symptoms and allow him to return to the court, that has not yet been the case.

For Ball, the injury has been especially frustrating given his talent and potential. As a rookie in the league, he showed moments of brilliance and drew comparisons to some of the best guards in NBA history. However, as time has gone on and he has dealt with ongoing injuries, his performance has been inconsistent and he has struggled to live up to the lofty expectations that many had for him.

Despite these challenges, Ball has remained determined to return to play and to continue to contribute to his team. He has worked tirelessly with medical professionals to optimize his recovery and has remained a supportive teammate as he watches from the sidelines.

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