The collapse of I-95, one of the busiest highways in the United States, has been making headlines lately. As Action News Traffic Reporter Matt Pellman explains, the collapse occurred due to a major issue with the structure of the highway. The situation is being further exacerbated by the fact that there really aren't "perfect" alternates to the highway.

The collapse of I-95 is a tragic incident that has disrupted the normal daily routines of hundreds of thousands of commuters who use the road daily. The highway serves as a major artery for transportation, not just for the state, but for the entire east coast, linking Miami to Maine. In addition, it is a critical route for the movement of goods and services across the country.

The collapse of I-95 has highlighted the urgent need to address the country's infrastructure problems. The highway was built over 50 years ago, and though it has undergone maintenance over the years, it was not built to handle the traffic volume it experiences now. And with cars and trucks getting heavier and more packed with goods, it is easy to see how this collapse occurred.

One of the main problems with the collapse of I-95 is that there really aren't "perfect" alternates to it.

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