From the outset of this Apple TV+ presentation, we learn that Ted Lasso is a misfit as a head coach of a fictional Premier League futbol club, AFC Richmond. Lasso's lack of experience coaching soccer and the skepticism of his arrival from across the pond creates a cultural clash amongst the team and its supporters. However, what seems like a recipe for failure quickly turns into one of the most heartwarming and optimistic shows available for streaming.

Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, is a boisterous and kind-hearted American football coach whose unorthodox methods win over the team's players and staff. From the moment he steps foot on English soil, Ted exudes positivity despite a lack of knowledge about the sport and its fan base. His optimistic outlook and unwavering spirit yield results both on and off the pitch, inspiring his players to dig deep to find their love of the game and their bond as a team.

While the show centers around Ted Lasso's coaching efforts, it is equally a character study of those around him. Brett Goldstein's character, Roy Kent, is a cynical veteran player who initially dismisses Lasso's methods but finds himself thawing under Ted's influence. Hannah Wadding

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