Egypt has long been a popular destination for snorkeling, swimming and other watersports, with its clear waters and diverse marine life attracting visitors from all over the world. However, recent events have prompted authorities to restrict these activities for the time being.

The trigger for this crackdown was a shark attack that occurred at the Hurghada resort, where 23-year-old Russian tourist Vladimir Popov was mauled by a tiger shark while snorkeling. The attack left Popov with severe injuries to his legs, but he was fortunately able to receive medical treatment in time and is expected to recover fully.

The incident has understandably raised concerns about the safety of watersports in Egypt, and authorities have acted swiftly to prevent any further incidents. Snorkeling, swimming and other water-based activities have been banned at several popular resorts, and tour operators have been instructed to prioritize safety measures such as providing lifeguards and ensuring that tourists are equipped with the proper safety gear.

The decision to crack down on watersports has been met with mixed reactions from locals and tourists. Some argue that the restrictions are necessary to keep people safe, while others have expressed frustration at having their holiday plans disrupted. However, it is important to remember that these measures are being taken for a good reason

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