Lies of P: The Unsettling Tale of Pinnochio in a Dystopian World

Lies of P is an innovative and unique game that puts players in the shoes of Pinnochio, the iconic wooden puppet known for his propensity for telling tall tales. But this is no ordinary game. In this dystopian world, puppets have taken over and humans are on the back end. Pinnochio finds himself as a special puppet, with a secret that may hold the key to the future of this strange and unsettling world.

Set in a dark and brooding world that is both familiar and yet eerily different, Lies of P invites players to take part in a rich and complex adventure that will challenge their perceptions and beliefs about what games can be. With a deep and immersive storyline, players will be drawn into this dark world, where nothing is as it seems.

As Pinnochio, players will navigate a complex world full of danger, intrigue, and difficult choices. While the game offers plenty of action and excitement, it also delves deep into the emotional and psychological complexities of being a puppet in a world controlled by other puppets. The game includes a variety of puzzles, challenges, and choices that will test the player's

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