Title: Pac-12 Welcomes Oregon and Washington to the Big Ten Conference


In a major shake-up within the collegiate sports landscape, the Pac-12 conference is about to undergo significant changes. On Friday, it was announced that two of its prominent members, namely Oregon and Washington, have accepted an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference, further enhancing the stature of both conferences. This move will undoubtedly reshape the future landscape of college sports and create exciting opportunities for student-athletes, fans, and universities alike.

Pac-12 Expansion Breakdown:

The Pac-12 Conference has long been a powerhouse in collegiate athletics. Consisting of 12 member schools, it has gained recognition for its highly competitive atmosphere and groundbreaking accomplishments in various sports. However, with the announcement of Oregon and Washington's departure, the conference will undergo significant restructuring.

The Big Ten Conference, renowned for its rich tradition and strong athletic programs, presented an irresistible opportunity to Oregon and Washington. Together, these schools will elevate the Big Ten to an impressive 18-member conference, starting from the 2024 academic year. This merger marks a paradigm shift that will shape the future of college athletic competitions.

Implications for Oregon and Washington:

For Oregon and Washington, joining the Big Ten Conference will bring a host of benefits. Firstly, they will be part of an elite group of universities, each with a rich sporting history and passionate fan bases. This move will provide their student-athletes with the chance to compete against a broader range of opponents, further raising the intensity and prestige of competitions.

Moreover, the Big Ten Conference offers tremendous financial prospects, driven by increased viewership and sponsorship opportunities. This influx of revenue will allow both Oregon and Washington to invest heavily in sports programs, recruit top-tier talent, and create state-of-the-art facilities, ultimately benefiting the student-athletes who are at the heart of collegiate sports.

NCAA Landscape Changes:

The decision by Oregon and Washington to join the Big Ten Conference is reflective of broader changes occurring within the NCAA landscape. Recent years have seen conferences actively seeking expansion opportunities to strengthen their market positions and geographic footprints. This drive for expansion aims to optimize revenue, improve competition, and provide athletes with greater exposure.

This transformative move by Oregon and Washington will undoubtedly impact the Pac-12 Conference. However, this also opens up opportunities for the remaining schools to reposition themselves strategically. The Pac-12 will inevitably work to attract new universities that align with its objectives, ensuring continued competitiveness across its athletic programs.


The inclusion of Oregon and Washington within the Big Ten Conference represents a seismic shift within the college sports realm. Their departure from the Pac-12 Conference undoubtedly signifies a challenging period ahead for the remaining schools. However, all parties involved must recognize the potential benefits and opportunities that lie ahead.

As this new chapter unfolds, it's essential to remember that collegiate sports are ever-evolving. The Pac-12 Conference and its member schools have navigated significant changes in the past and have always emerged stronger. As fans, let us embrace these transformations and support our student-athletes as they embark on new rivalries, showcase their talents on a broader stage, and continue to inspire us with their dedication, skill, and passion for the game.

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