Flag Day is an important reminder to all Americans to reflect on the significance of our nation's most recognizable symbol – the American flag. Observed annually on June 14, Flag Day is a celebration of the day the United States adopted its current flag design, back in 1777.

For members of the American Legion, Flag Day is a particularly important occasion. As Legionnaires, it is our duty to carry the message forward on how to respect and honor the Stars and Stripes. The American Legion has long been a leader in promoting patriotism and guiding citizens on how to properly care for and display the American flag.

One of the essential messages that we impart on Flag Day is the significance of the flag's design. The American flag is much more than just a collection of stars and stripes. Each element of the flag's design has a specific meaning that reflects the values and characteristics of the American people.

For example, the 13 stripes represent the original colonies that declared their independence from Great Britain, while the 50 stars represent the current 50 states of the Union. The colors of the flag – red, white, and blue – symbolize unity, purity, and justice, respectively.

On Flag Day, it is important to remember the sacrifices that

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