Craig Carton is a well-known radio personality who has been entertaining New Yorkers on the airwaves for many years. His popular radio show on WFAN radio has been a hit with listeners, but news recently broke that Carton would be leaving the station. However, fans of his show need not worry, as Carton will continue broadcasting to his audiences on his show, now airing on the Fox Sports 1 (FS1) network.

Carton has been a mainstay in New York radio since 2007 when he took over as the co-host of the morning show on WFAN. Since then, he has been a constant fixture on the airwaves, entertaining audiences with his humor, wit, and insightful commentary on the latest news in sports and beyond.

Sadly, in September 2017, Carton was arrested for his alleged involvement in a multi-million-dollar ticket-selling scam. As a result, he resigned from his position at WFAN, and his future in radio was uncertain. However, he has now found a new home on FS1, where he will be able to continue doing what he does best.

Carton's show on FS1, “The Carton Show,” will be similar to his previous radio show, featuring interviews with athletes and sports celebrities, news updates, and his trademark humor. While it will not be exactly the same as his old show on WFAN, fans of Carton's will still be able to enjoy his unique brand of entertainment and stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of sports.

Despite the scandal that led to Carton leaving WFAN, he has remained popular with his fans. He has been praised for his honesty and openness in discussing his legal issues and the impact they have had on his life and career. Carton's ability to connect with his audience has been a key factor in his success, and it is likely that this will continue on his new show on FS1.

In conclusion, Craig Carton may have had a challenging few years, but he is still a popular figure in the world of sports broadcasting. His move to FS1 means that fans will still be able to enjoy his irreverent humor, insightful commentary, and engaging personality. Although his new show may differ somewhat from his old one, there is no doubt that “The Carton Show” will be a hit with audiences and further cement Carton's place in the annals of New York radio history.

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