The political career of Ken Paxton as Texas Attorney General has been marred with controversy and legal proceedings over the past few years. In a culmination of these proceedings, the Texas House is set to vote on the impeachment of Mr. Paxton on Saturday.

Paxton has served as the attorney general of Texas for three terms, but his tenure has been anything but smooth. Official complaints and legal proceedings have followed him throughout his time in office. Paxton faced securities fraud charges from before he took office in early 2015. The Office of the Attorney General has also been plagued with well-documented accusations of misconduct and corruption.

Against this background, the recent move by the Texas House has gained attention from across the political spectrum. The impeachment proceedings stem from allegations that Paxton used his office to do favors for a rich donor in exchange for personal gain. The donor, Nate Paul, reportedly agreed to hire one of Paxton's friends and political backers as his lawyer after the attorney general intervened on Paul's behalf in a real estate dispute.

The allegations against Paxton came from seven senior officials in his office, who accused him of abuse of power, bribery, and other corrupt acts. The impeachment process has already gone through various legal hurdles,

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