Ja Morant, the young star of the Memphis Grizzlies, has recently become the subject of scrutiny following an incident that occurred during a game against the Portland Trail Blazers on March 26th. While the details of the incident are still somewhat unclear, it has been reported that Morant made a lewd gesture towards a fan during the game.

As a result of this incident, many are now calling for Morant to face some sort of punishment from the NBA. But what form might this punishment take? That is the question that Vinnie Goodwill, a writer for Yahoo Sports, has set out to answer.

Goodwill acknowledges that the NBA's Code of Conduct is somewhat vague when it comes to determining the appropriate punishment for incidents like this. However, he believes that there are a few factors that could come into play.

The first factor is Morant's status as a star player. Goodwill notes that the NBA has been known to give star players more lenient punishments than lesser-known players. However, he also points out that in recent years, the league has become more strict in its enforcement of its Code of Conduct. So while Morant's status as a star player may play a role in determining his punishment, it may not be the

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