American Idol has been one of the biggest singing competitions on television for over a decade. The popularity of the show has often been attributed to the judges, and their ability to bring in a wider audience. Among those judges is Katy Perry, who has been with the show for the past three seasons.

However, it seems that Perry may be feeling the pressure of being one of the faces of the show. According to a recent report from a source, "This season was way too much for her to handle." The statement follows Perry's recent interview with People magazine, where she admitted to feeling "full-time mom guilt" while on the show.

It's no secret that the demands of American Idol are intense. The judges are required to watch countless auditions, offer feedback on each performance, and eventually choose the best singers to move forward in the competition. Perry, who is also a successful recording artist and mother, may be struggling to find a balance.

Despite this, Perry has made some memorable moments on the show. Fans have loved her quirky personality and her ability to connect with the contestants. She has also been instrumental in shaping the talent on the show, giving helpful advice and constructive criticism. It's clear that her presence on the show has made an

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