Tears of the Kingdom's Best Duplication Glitch After Patch - Kotaku

If you thought all the glitches and tricks in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had been uncovered, you might be surprised to know that a new one has been found that works even after the latest patches and updates. Known as the "Tears of the Kingdom's Best Duplication Glitch", players can use this technique to duplicate weapons and items with ease.

While the Breath of the Wild sequel is still some way off, fans are still enjoying playing the original game and discovering new tricks and secrets. The latest one was discovered by YouTuber Starschulz, who shared a video on how to perform the duplication glitch. According to Kotaku, this new trick has been met with mixed reception, as it can make the already easy game even easier, but it has proven to be quite useful for players who want to stock up on powerful weapons.

To perform the Tears of the Kingdom's Best Duplication Glitch, players must do so while in front of a Gerudo goddess statue. The glitch allows players to duplicate any weapon or item they have in their possession, including the infinite supply of Gerudo Claymores and Gleeok

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