Kenichiro Yoshida, the CEO of Sony, has cautioned that despite the rapid advancements in cloud-based gaming technology, technical difficulties remain a significant barrier. Speaking at a conference in Tokyo, Yoshida stated that while the technology itself is impressive, it is "very tricky".

Yoshida's comments come in the wake of a growing trend among video game companies to adopt cloud-based gaming technology. This model involves delivering games directly to users over the internet, rather than requiring them to install them on their own devices.

Sony, one of the pioneers of the video game industry with its PlayStation brand, has been exploring cloud-based gaming for some time. The company launched its PlayStation Now service in 2014, offering users the ability to stream selected games on their PlayStation systems.

Despite the service's success, Yoshida warned that there are still significant technical issues to be overcome before cloud-based gaming can become truly mainstream. Some of the challenges facing the industry include bandwidth limitations, latency issues and the need for powerful hardware to support the processing requirements of cloud-based games.

Sony has been investing heavily in cloud-based gaming technology in recent years, both through its PlayStation Now service and through partnerships with other industry players. However, Yoshida's remarks suggest that the company remains

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