Title: Nokia Unveils Nokia 150 and 130 to Keep '90s Dreams Alive


In a world filled with sophisticated smartphones, Nokia is taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane with its latest unveiling. The renowned Finnish brand has recently announced the launch of Nokia 150 and Nokia 130, two throwback feature phones that aim to keep the '90s dreams alive. These devices are reminiscent of a simpler time when phones were used primarily for basic communication and entertainment, with Snake being the ultimate distraction.

A Return to Basics

Nokia's decision to introduce these throwback feature phones might seem surprising in an era dominated by cutting-edge smartphones. However, the classic Nokia designs and their stripped-down capabilities serve as a breath of fresh air for those seeking a simpler, more reliable mobile experience.

Both the Nokia 150 and Nokia 130 are intentionally devoid of any distracting features commonly found in modern smartphones. Instead, they focus on the core functionalities that made early mobile devices so successful. These include voice calls, messaging, a built-in FM radio, and, of course, the iconic game Snake.

Minimalist Design and Durability

The design of the Nokia 150 and 130 stays true to the Nokia aesthetic, boasting a classic candy bar format and tactile buttons. The devices feature a 2.4-inch QVGA display, providing a nostalgic touch with its user-friendly interface. With their compact and durable build, these phones are perfect for users who prioritize reliability and long battery life.

Battery Life and Storage

Nokia has always been synonymous with extended battery life, and these new devices are no exception. The Nokia 130, capable of providing up to 36 days of standby time, and the Nokia 150, which offers an impressive 31 days of standby time, allow users to stay connected for extended periods without constant recharging.

In addition, both feature phones come with expandable storage options to cater to users who wish to store their music, photos, and videos. The Nokia 150 supports a microSD card of up to 32GB, while the Nokia 130 further extends the limit to 32GB, giving users ample space for their multimedia needs.

Snake: A Game That Defined an Era

Especially exciting for '90s kids and gaming enthusiasts, the inclusion of the nostalgic game Snake ensures a trip down memory lane for users. Snake, a game where players navigate a pixelated snake around the screen, was a staple on Nokia devices in the past and became an instant success. Its inclusion in the new Nokia 150 and 130 allows users to rekindle their love for this iconic game with a modern twist.

Affordability and Availability

Another attractive feature of Nokia's throwback phones is their affordability. Both the Nokia 150 and 130 come with an affordable price tag, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers. They are expected to be available in select markets across the globe, allowing users to experience the nostalgia regardless of their location.


The Nokia 150 and Nokia 130 serve as a reminder of a time when mobile devices were focused on simplicity and long-lasting battery life. With their minimalist designs, durability, extended battery life, and the inclusion of the beloved game Snake, Nokia aims to rekindle the spirit of the '90s for a new generation of users. These feature phones are an ideal choice for individuals seeking escape from the endless distractions of modern smartphones, while still retaining the essential functionalities of mobile communication.

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