Google's Pixel Watch 2 is one of the most anticipated smartwatches of the year, as tech enthusiasts eagerly await the features and design upgrades this new device will bring. However, recent reports suggest that one of the most significant improvements the Pixel Watch 2 will have over its predecessor is in its battery life.

According to Engadget, Google's latest smartwatch model is set to switch to a Snapdragon chip that will deliver much-improved battery performance. This upgraded hardware is the key to the Pixel Watch 2's improved battery life, which will undoubtedly be welcome news for users who are tired of constantly having to recharge their smartwatch throughout the day.

Google has yet to confirm the exact battery life of the Pixel Watch 2, but early rumors suggest that it will be significantly better than the previous model. With a Snapdragon chip powering the device, users can expect faster and more efficient processing, as well as longer-lasting battery performance.

Many reviewers have praised Google's previous smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, for its sleek design and intuitive software. Still, one of the most common criticisms was its relatively poor battery life. The revised chip in the Pixel Watch 2 seems to address this issue, and Google is also expected to optimize its software better to

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