The PC Gaming Show has always been a platform for showcasing the latest gaming hardware and software for the PC, and this year's show did not disappoint. From new game trailers to hardware reveals, the PC Gaming Show 2023 had something for every kind of PC gamer.

One of the most exciting reveals of the event was the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 graphics card that promises to deliver incredible performance to PC gamers. The card is expected to offer ray tracing—a technology that allows for more realistic lighting and shadow effects—and has been designed with a 7nm process node, making it a powerhouse of a card.

Among the game trailers that caught our attention during the PC Gaming Show 2023 was the announcement of a new strategy game from Amplitude Studios called 'Endless Dungeon.' The game puts players in charge of a team of heroes exploring an abandoned space station filled with monsters. The game features procedurally-generated levels, making each playthrough unique. We also got a first look at 'Dying Light 2,' the sequel to Techland's hit zombie game, showcasing a new narrative-driven campaign set in an open-world environment.

For those who love indie games, there was plenty to be excited about at the PC Gaming Show 2023

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