Square Enix has recently re-released a Nintendo Switch exclusive game without any prior announcement. What's more, the game has undergone a major change that has caught the attention of gaming enthusiasts everywhere.

The game in question is none other than "Octopath Traveler." Originally released in 2018, it quickly became a fan-favorite for its old-school RPG gameplay, pixel art graphics, and engaging storytelling. The game takes place in the world of Orsterra, where players can choose from eight different characters, each with their unique abilities, motivations, and story paths.

However, the big change that Square Enix has made to "Octopath Traveler" is the addition of a new "Champion of the Octopath" difficulty mode. This new mode is aimed at those who desire an even greater challenge than what was already available in the base game. It offers a higher level of difficulty for battles, including tougher enemies, reduced experience and job points, and greater risks and rewards.

The developers have also included a new character in the game named "Abyssal Guardian." The character is a formidable enemy that can only be summoned in battle through items or abilities. It is said that defeating the Abyssal Guardian will provide players with valuable loot and rewards.

The release of the new difficulty mode and the addition of a new character has been met with mixed reactions from fans. While some players are excited about getting a chance to test their skills at a higher level of difficulty, others are disappointed that there hasn't been any new content added to the game beyond the new character and difficulty mode.

Overall, "Octopath Traveler" continues to be a must-play game for RPG enthusiasts. With its engaging storytelling, beautiful pixel art graphics, and now the added challenge of the Champion of the Octopath difficulty mode, players are sure to find hours of enjoyment in the world of Orsterra.

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