Title: Microsoft: Pulling Call of Duty From Steam Was A 'Failure'

In a surprising turn of events, new court documents have revealed that Microsoft considers its decision to pull the popular game franchise, Call of Duty, from the digital distribution platform Steam as a 'failure'. This move, aimed at boosting the popularity of its own gaming platform, Battle.net, seems to have backfired. The revelation sheds light on the dynamic competition between major gaming companies striving to maintain their dominance.

Call of Duty, developed and published by Activision, is one of the most successful franchises in the gaming industry. Steam, operated by Valve Corporation, has long been a preferred platform for gamers to purchase and play their favorite titles. With the goal of promoting Battle.net, Microsoft made the startling decision to remove the Call of Duty series from Steam, hoping it would drive players to its proprietary platform.

The Failure:
According to the recently released court documents, Microsoft executives have privately admitted that their efforts to enhance Battle.net's popularity through the absence of Call of Duty on Steam did not yield the desired outcomes. This internal acknowledgement of failure comes as a surprise, considering the strategic importance of securing exclusive gaming titles to attract and retain players on their respective platforms.

Impact on Microsoft and Battle.net:
The decision to remove Call of Duty from Steam not only undermined gro

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