Title: Rare 'Legendary' Apple Computer Signed by Steve Wozniak from Steve Jobs' Garage Set to Fetch $200,000 at Auction

In a truly unique opportunity for Apple enthusiasts and collectors alike, an iconic Apple computer, dubbed the "legendary" original device, is up for auction. As remarkable as the computer itself is the story behind it, with the device having been assembled by Steve Jobs and personally signed by Steve Wozniak. With an estimated auction price of $200,000, this historically significant artifact is sure to attract avid bidders vying to own a piece of Apple's early beginnings.

The Rare Apple Computer:
The Apple-1 computer, hand-built in 1976 by Jobs and Wozniak in Jobs' family garage, was one of the first personal computers ever produced. Boasting a price tag of $666.66 at the time, only 200 units were ever made, making this auctioned device even more exceptional. It notably lacks a keyboard or display, representing the very essence of simplicity and a pivotal moment in tech history.

Historical Significance:
The Apple-1's significance transcends its limited production run; it was truly the foundation upon which Apple as we know it today was built. This particular machine was unique even among its counterparts, having been personally autographed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, giving it an added level of desirability to collectors and tech enthusiasts.

Auction Expectations:
The highly-anticipated auction, hosted by New York-based auctioneer RR Auction, is scheduled for [date]. Experts forecast a highly competitive bidding war with an expected price tag of $200,000 for this groundbreaking computer. While that may seem like a considerable sum, it is a testament to both the rarity and historical value encapsulated within this extraordinary artifact.

Preserving Technological Heritage:
The sale of this legendary Apple-1 computer not only provides an opportunity for collectors to own a piece of computing history but also highlights the relevance of preserving and appreciating the technological heritage that has paved the way for our modern digital age. The auction event is likely to generate awareness and spark conversations around the impact of early personal computing on our present-day reliance on technology.

Collecting and Investing in Tech Artifacts:
Tech artifacts such as the Apple-1 have become increasingly popular among collectors and investors. With the growing recognition of their historical value, these tangible pieces of the tech industry are considered not only collectibles but also appreciating assets. Not only do they offer a glimpse into the past, but they also serve as a reminder of the constant evolution that shapes the present and future.

The opportunity to own a piece of Apple's inception is truly a remarkable one, and the original Apple-1 computer signed by Steve Wozniak holds an unmatched allure. As the auction date approaches, anticipation builds among tech enthusiasts, collectors, and investors eager to obtain this unique piece of computing history. With an estimated value of $200,000, this legendary computer symbolizes the visionary brilliance of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, while also representing the beginning of a tech revolution that continues to shape our lives today.

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