Title: The Google Pixel 8 Series Could Get a Small Boost in Charging Speed - Android Police

Tech enthusiasts and smartphone users worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of the Google Pixel 8 series later this year. Exciting news recently emerged that the highly anticipated smartphone line might feature a small but significant enhancement in its wired charging speed. This development, as reported by Android Police, has sparked further anticipation within the tech community. However, it seems that any improvements in wired charging technology might not extend to wireless charging.

Wired Charging Speed Boost:

According to reports from Android Police, the Google Pixel 8 series may come with an improved wired charging system. Although details about the exact charging speed haven't been revealed, it is expected to be faster than its predecessor, the Google Pixel 6 series. This potential upgrade is sure to excite Pixel users who desire the convenience of faster charging times.

Wired charging has become an indispensable feature for smartphone users in their daily lives. In a world where time is of the essence, the ability to charge a device quickly can be a game-changer, allowing users to power up their phones swiftly and stay connected for longer periods.

It is worth noting that the Google Pixel series has already been lauded for its impressive charging capabilities, utilizing USB-Power Delivery (USB-PD) technology in the past. If the reports are true, the enhancement in the charging speed of the Pixel 8 series will undoubtedly further elevate the charging experience for its users.

Wireless Charging Remains the Same:

While the reports suggest an upgrade in wired charging speed, it appears that wireless charging technology will remain unchanged in the Google Pixel 8 series. The previous generation, the Pixel 6 series, already supported wireless charging capabilities, making it a convenient option for users who prefer a cable-free charging experience.

Despite the lack of wireless charging improvements, the Pixel 8 series is expected to continue supporting various wireless charging standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of charging pads and accessories already available in the market.


The potential boost in wired charging speed for the Google Pixel 8 series, as reported by Android Police, brings an exciting prospect to the table for users eagerly awaiting the upcoming smartphone lineup. While details about the extent of the upgrade remain undisclosed, any improvement would positively impact the charging experience for Pixel users.

Although wireless charging technology might not see any upgrades, the existing capabilities on the Pixel 8 series will continue to offer convenience and ease of use for those who prefer charging their devices sans cables. As the official release of the Google Pixel 8 series draws nearer, consumers can hope for an enhanced wired charging experience while enjoying the familiar comforts of wireless charging support.

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