Forza Motorsport has been one of Microsoft's most beloved gaming franchises over the past decade, and it looks like the exciting racing game is here to stay.

Recently, Turn 10 Studios - the game's developer - announced that it has plans to keep Forza Motorsport viable for years to come by creating a model that relies on constant updates. In fact, Turn 10 Studios is in the process of rebooting the entire Forza Motorsport series in order to drive the game forward with fresh content, and ultimately, bring greater value to the players.

According to Chris Esaki, creative director for Turn 10 Studios, the team wants to "create a platform that allows us to add new content and experiences to the game over time, which is something we haven’t done before." This approach clearly embodies the trend in the industry towards games as services rather than products that get put out once and left to collect dust.

With this focus on long-term viability, the team behind Forza Motorsport 8 is putting in measures to ensure that players can invest time and money into the game without worrying about it becoming obsolete. For instance, the developer plans to release continuous updates that add new vehicles, tracks, and gameplay features to the game, so

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