Exoprimal is a new sci-fi action game from developer New Theory that was recently showcased during the Xbox Extended Showcase 2023, where it generated a lot of buzz among gamers and critics alike. The gameplay trailer shown during the event was packed with impressive visuals, intense combat, and challenging boss battles that left viewers wanting more.

Directed by Takuro Hiraoka, Exoprimal is set in a futuristic world where players take on the role of an alien warrior fighting to save their civilization from an impending threat. The game promises an immersive and engaging experience with fast-paced gameplay that will reward players for their strategic thinking, precision, and skill.

One of the major announcements made during the showcase was the inclusion of a new game mode called 'Savage Gauntlet,' which will be available at launch. In this mode, players will face off against a barrage of increasingly challenging enemies while trying to survive as long as possible. This new feature is sure to add a lot of replay value to the game and keep players engaged for hours on end.

Exoprimal also boasts an impressive soundtrack composed by Michael Salvatori, known for his work on the Halo series. The audio in the game is designed to keep players on edge and enhance the overall experience, making

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