Title: Diablo 4: A Prayer of Salvation Quest Walkthrough in Season 1


As the highly anticipated Diablo 4 embarks on its Season of the Malignant, players are greeted with a multitude of exciting challenges and quests. One of the most intriguing quests in this new season is "A Prayer of Salvation," which introduces a captivating storyline. In this article, we will guide you through the quest by providing a detailed walkthrough on how to find the crucial items: the Crusader Missives, Paladin Prayer Book, and Tithe Ledger. So buckle up and prepare yourself for an epic journey!

The Quest Begins:

To initiate the "A Prayer of Salvation" quest, players must seek out Cormond, a wise and insightful non-playable character. Once you have discovered Cormond within the sprawling world of Diablo 4, he will provide you with the required quest details, setting you on a path to retrieve three significant artifacts.

Finding the Crusader Missives:

The first item you need to acquire is the Crusader Missives. These precious documents are vital to advancing the questline and revealing the intriguing narrative. To find the Crusader Missives, players must venture into the treacherous Ruins of Euphoria, located southeast of the Darkwood Forest.

Within the ruins, players will face formidable enemies and overcome challenging obstacles. Explore every nook and cranny, for the Crusader Missives could be hidden within a crypt, guarded by creatures of darkness. Once obtained, be sure to inspect them carefully for any important clues pertaining to the quest.

Acquiring the Paladin Prayer Book:

The second item required for the quest is the Paladin Prayer Book. To secure this ancient tome, players will need to navigate the labyrinthine halls of the forgotten monastery. This foreboding location can be found amidst the desolate mountains of the Dreadfall Range.

Prepare for intense battles as you encounter a variety of demonic adversaries determined to halt your progress. The Paladin Prayer Book is rumored to be hidden deep within the library of the Monastery. Search shelves, alcoves, and secret chambers to uncover this invaluable artifact.

Unveiling the Tithe Ledger:

The final item necessary for the quest is the Tithe Ledger. This ledger holds crucial records of holy transactions and is believed to be hidden within the cursed catacombs of the Cathedral of the Lost. Located in the heart of the Whispering Woods, this haunting cathedral is a treacherous labyrinth that conceals dark secrets.

Navigating the Cathedral of the Lost requires not only skill but also tremendous perseverance. Be prepared for perilous encounters with unearthly creatures as you search the catacombs for the elusive Tithe Ledger. Pay attention to bizarre symbols and obscure clues that may guide you closer to your objective.

Completion and Rewards:

Upon successfully retrieving all three items and resolving any puzzles or threats along the way, return to Cormond to complete the "A Prayer of Salvation" quest. Your reward will be multifaceted, incorporating both valuable loot and advancing the captivating storyline the quest presents. Expect not only meaningful experience and progression but also an enriched understanding of the world and its characters.


The "A Prayer of Salvation" quest in Diablo 4's Season of the Malignant is a thrilling adventure that immerses players within an intricate narrative. By following this walkthrough and searching for the Crusader Missives, Paladin Prayer Book, and Tithe Ledger, players can embark on an engaging journey through challenging environments, terrifying adversaries, and gripping lore. Equip your best gear, sharpen your skills, read every clue with precision, and may the gods of Sanctuary guide you to victory!

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