Chrono Trigger, the beloved classic RPG game, has been rumored to be getting a remake for the Nintendo Switch. The report comes from, which cites anonymous sources allegedly close to the project.

Chrono Trigger first released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and has since become a cult classic among RPG fans. The game features a time-traveling protagonist and a unique battle system that blends traditional turn-based combat with active elements, allowing players to execute strategic attacks in real-time.

The rumored remake reportedly has involvement from some of the original Chrono Trigger development team members, including producer Tetsuya Takahashi. The remake is said to modernize the game's graphics and add new features while staying faithful to the original story and gameplay.

While there has been no official confirmation from Square Enix, the company that owns the rights to Chrono Trigger, this news has RPG fans buzzing with excitement. The Nintendo Switch has already seen several successful RPG re-releases, including Final Fantasy VII and Skyrim, making it a fitting platform for a Chrono Trigger remake.

Fans will have to wait and see if the rumors are true and if a Chrono Trigger remake will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Until then, they can still enjoy the original game on various platforms, including the Nintendo DS and mobile devices.

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