Title: How to get Carracosta in Pokémon Go - Adventure Week Collection Guide

As Pokémon Go's Adventure Week event continues to captivate trainers worldwide, one of the coveted rarities that players are eager to obtain is the fossil creature Carracosta. In this article, we will explore how trainers can add Carracosta to their collection and address the burning question: can Carracosta also be encountered in its shiny form?

What is Carracosta?
Carracosta, the Rock/Water-type Pokémon, made its debut in Generation V. This ancient aquatic creature, known for its tough and durable shell, has become a highly sought-after species for its utility in battles and its unique prehistoric nature.

How to Obtain Carracosta during Adventure Week:
1. Fossil discovery: Carracosta is a fossil Pokémon, meaning trainers will first need to acquire a Fossil before they can obtain the creature. During Adventure Week, various tasks and activities will grant players a chance to collect Fossils more frequently. Keep an eye out for these during the event period.

2. Visit PokéStops: PokéStops act as a primary source for collecting Fossils. By spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops, trainers have the opportunity to receive items, including Fossils. Make sure to stock up on these essential items during Adventure Week.

3. Revive and Hatch: Once you have obtained a Fossil, it will need to be revived at the Pokémon Lab. Trainers can use their technical skills to revive the Fossil into a living Carracosta. After successfully reviving the Fossil, players will face the pleasant surprise of adding this unique Pokémon to their collection.

Is Carracosta Shiny?
While Carracosta can be a remarkable addition to any Pokémon Go team, unfortunately, as of now, the shiny version of Carracosta has not been released in Pokémon Go. Trainers will have to be content with acquiring Carracosta in its regular coloration for now.

The Adventure Week event in Pokémon Go showcases a range of exciting activities, including the opportunity to add the fossil creature Carracosta to your collection. By collecting Fossils from PokéStops, trainers can revive them at the Pokémon Lab to obtain this strong and ancient Pokémon. Though Carracosta can't be found in shiny form at the moment, its unique characteristics and battle skills make it a valuable asset to any trainer's team. So, keep exploring, collecting, and evolving in Pokémon Go, and you'll soon have your very own Carracosta to battle alongside you.

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