Title: Google and Taito's AR Space Invaders Game Launches on Android with iOS Release Just Around the Corner!


In a thrilling collaboration, Google and Taito have joined forces to bring an exciting new augmented reality game to the mobile gaming world. Say hello to "Space Invaders: World Defense" - an innovative take on the classic arcade game that has captivated generations. The app has just been released on Android platforms, while iOS users can expect its imminent arrival. Let's delve into the details of this highly anticipated release.

A Nostalgic Embrace of Augmented Reality:

The timeless and iconic Space Invaders game, originally developed by Taito in 1978, has been reinvented using the cutting-edge technology of augmented reality (AR). This collaboration with Google allows players to embark on an immersive battle experience directly within their own physical surroundings.

Android Release:

Android users can now rejoice, as "Space Invaders: World Defense" is available to download and enjoy from the Google Play Store. The Android release offers gamers an opportunity to experience the thrill of protecting the world from an alien invasion.

How It Works:

Utilizing augmented reality through the camera of your smartphone or tablet, the game brilliantly merges the virtual Space Invaders universe with the real world. It overlays the classic Space Invaders gameplay onto your surroundings, offering an unprecedented gaming experience.

Your physical location becomes the battleground, with the invading alien spaceships descending upon your immediate surroundings. As the player, your objective is to aim and shoot at the virtual foes hovering around you, effectively defending your territory from the impending alien assault.

Anticipation for iOS Release:

Though the game is currently exclusive to Android users, iPhone enthusiasts will be delighted to know that "Space Invaders: World Defense" will be launching soon on iOS devices. The wait will soon be over, allowing iOS users to immerse themselves in the classic arcade game with a modern twist.

A Trip Down Memory Lane:

The exciting combination of nostalgic gameplay elements and immersive augmented reality creates a unique and engaging experience for players of all ages. Those who grew up with the original Space Invaders can relive their childhood memories, while newcomers can discover the charm of a true gaming classic.

A Real-World Galactic Showdown:

"Space Invaders: World Defense" steps up the intensity by introducing various upgrades, power-ups, and new challenges as you progress through different levels. The game offers an opportunity to compete with friends, motivating players to rise in the ranks and become the ultimate defender of their world.


The reimagining of the classic Space Invaders game through augmented reality has breathed new life into this iconic title. With its recent launch on Android and iOS release on the horizon, "Space Invaders: World Defense" promises an exhilarating gaming experience like no other. Prepare to defend your world against the relentless alien horde, all within the familiar confines of your own surroundings. So, buckle up, gamers, as we brace ourselves for an epic augmented reality battle of galactic proportions!

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