An article by Forbes has recently been making waves in the tech industry, claiming that a new Apple leak reveals some concerning information about the rumored iPhone 15. According to the article, potential buyers should stay away from the entire range altogether, due to a warning about upcoming upgrades and improvements.

While Apple has yet to officially announce any details about the iPhone 15, rumors and leaks have been circulating nonstop for months. However, this new warning from an alleged insider could put a damper on people's excitement and anticipation for the new device.

The article warns that the upcoming upgrades and improvements to the iPhone 15 will be so significant that they will make the current range obsolete. It claims that investing in an iPhone 14 or any other device in the current lineup would be a waste of money, as the upcoming iPhone 15 will offer a much more advanced and superior user experience.

As Forbes notes, Apple's history of upgrading its devices is unmatched in the industry, and this latest leak could signal yet another significant leap forward in innovation. However, with this warning, potential buyers now face a difficult choice of whether to wait for the new device and potentially miss out on the benefits of having a smartphone in the interim, or to take a chance on the

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