Aliens: Dark Descent is the latest game from developer D3 Go! and publisher FoxNext. The game has been released on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game is a first-person shooter that is set in the Aliens universe and puts players in the shoes of a colonial marine. The game has received mixed reviews since its release, but in this article, we will be focusing on the review by Leana Hafer from IGN.

Hafer reviewed the game on PC and found that the game has a lot of potential. The game has a great story and does a good job of immersing players in the Aliens universe. The game also has great graphics and sound design, which make the game feel like a true Aliens game.

However, Hafer also noted that the game has some technical issues that can detract from the overall experience. The game has some frame rate issues, which can make the game feel sluggish at times. The game also has some AI issues, where enemies can get stuck in the environment or not act as they should.

Despite these issues, Hafer still recommends the game. She notes that the game is still a great experience and that the technical issues can be overlooked. She also notes that the game has a lot of replay value, as players can go through the game again and again and find new things each time.

Overall, Aliens: Dark Descent is a great game that has a lot of potential. If not for the technical issues, this game would easily be one of the best Aliens games ever made. If you are a fan of the Aliens universe, then you should definitely give this game a try.

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