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Crossplay has transformed the world of gaming, allowing players from different platforms to unite and compete against each other. However, in the midst of all the fun and excitement, it's important to remain mindful of what we say to our fellow gamers. Xbox gamers, in particular, have their own set of sensitivities and preferences when it comes to gaming. In this article, we will explore ten things you should never say to an Xbox gamer during a crossplay Discord voice chat party to avoid spoiling the gaming experience for everyone involved.

1. "Xbox has no exclusive games":
It's no secret that Xbox has an impressive lineup of exclusive titles, so dismissing them outright can be seen as disrespectful. Avoid undermining the hard work and dedication that goes into creating these games.

2. "PlayStation is way better":
While console wars never seem to end, it's best to avoid stirring up unnecessary rivalry. Instead, focus on the shared love for gaming and the exciting experiences that each platform offers.

3. "Your console is a glorified PC":
Comparing consoles to PCs can be a hot-button issue for Xbox gamers. Let's appreciate the unique benefits of both and keep the discussion focused on what makes gaming enjoyable, regardless of the platform.

4. "Isn't Xbox for casual gamers?":
Don't make assumptions about a gamer's preferences based on the choice of console they use. Xbox gamers, just like gamers on any other platform, are diverse and enjoy various genres of games.

5. "Why do you even need Game Pass?":
Xbox Game Pass has quickly become a beloved feature among Xbox gamers. Questioning its value can come across as dismissive of the countless fantastic games available through the subscription service.

6. "Keyboard and mouse are superior":
While some Xbox gamers may choose to use a controller, others may prefer a mouse and keyboard. Respect everyone's individual preferences and the freedom to choose their preferred gaming setup.

7. "Xbox Live Gold is a waste of money":
Xbox Live Gold offers numerous benefits, including access to online multiplayer and free monthly games. Recognize its value and consider the perks it provides before dismissing it.

8. "Xbox has no good exclusives":
From Halo to Gears of War, Xbox has a history of delivering blockbuster exclusives. Acknowledge the unique gaming experiences Xbox brings to the table and have an open mind regarding the platform's offerings.

9. "Why don't you just get a PlayStation?":
Remember that each gamer has their own reasons for choosing their preferred platform. Respect their choices and embrace the diversity of gaming experiences across different consoles.

10. "Your achievements don't mean anything":
Achievements hold great value for many Xbox gamers, as they showcase their dedication and skills. Dismissing their achievements can be demoralizing and diminish the sense of accomplishment they bring.


Creating a positive gaming community is essential in maintaining a healthy gaming environment. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during crossplay Discord voice chat parties, Xbox gamers deserve respect for their platform and gaming choices. By avoiding these ten sensitive topics, we can focus on what truly matters - the shared passion for gaming and the collaborative experiences that bring us all together. Let's foster a community that appreciates the diversity and excitement of gaming on all platforms. Happy gaming!

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